Which Hot Tub is Right for You and Your Family

Which Hot Tub is Right for You and Your Family?

It can seem that there is a tsunami of information on the web in regards to Hot Tubs. From Facebook posts to Google Ads to the Wellness industry, it’s very easy to seem like you’re drowning in a sea of data, fact, anecdotes, and personal recommendations. We’ve written this blog post to help you focus on the most important factors so that you choose the best Hot Tub for you and your family. 

We want you to experience that first soak with your sanity intact. So that’s why we’ve put together this list to help you move step-by-step through  the  things to consider when choosing a hot tub. We’ve also come up with  a helpful selector tool to let you focus your needs and desires and find the right hot tub for you and your family Feel free to skip right to it by pushing the Quiz button, you won’t hurt our feelings!

Which Hot Tub is right for you and your Family? We Have The Answers

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Step 1


Okay, so this is a trick question. Whether you’re planning to use your hot tub for entertaining friends, relaxing with your significant other after a long day, adding hydrotherapy to your wellness routine, hanging out with your teenage kids, or you just love the idea of being outside all year long, you’ll quickly find you can do all of that and more in a hot tub. 

That’s what’s so amazing about hot tubs – they bring a variety of social benefits and health tools into the heart of your home!

That being said, there are types of tubs that lend themselves better to some uses.

If you want to use your hot tub for entertaining, you’ll likely want more than 4 seats – plus if you want to get your older kids interested, room for friends is a must. Check out our Spa Recharge.

If exercise is your main goal then go for a hot tub that  lets your swim against the tide and use under-water pulleys to work out your arms and shoulders. Check a  best-in-class Swim Spa  from our award-winning Passion Spa range.

If your priority is hydrotherapy, look for a hot tub with preset and programmable wellness routines.  Our Spa Excite offers the very best in Hydrotherapy. 

If you want to melt the day away watching the light dance in the mist rising from the warm water as you sip from your wine glass, any one of a number of  high-quality hot tubs will do.

Step 2


At some point in your hot tub selection process, you’ll have to consider how much space you have available in your garden or on your patio.

Overall, hot tubs are a great option for smaller gardens, patios and decks (though they’re an excellent option for large areas too.)

But beyond the generalities of “good for small spaces”, it’s wise to think of the specific location you want to place your tub and any existing constraint or opportunities. Do you have an existing patio or concrete pad that you could use to support the tub?

Do you want to place it near an existing shed you plan to convert into a cabana or nearer to your house? Have you landed on a deck design already and want the hot tub integrated? 

Do you have an existing deck that needs to be considered? Make sure you measure the space you need to work with before talking with a salesperson. As a general rule, if space is really tight, rectangular hot tubs offer greater flexibility in placement.

When measuring your space for a new hot tub you’ll want to consider distance to the house as a significant factor in determining available space, and also how you will get to and from the house for each dip – running across an icy surface in Winter is not ideal, nor is having to step into sand or dirt before you slide into the pristine water of your hot tub a good option.

Step 3

How close to the house is too close?

When determining where to put your hot tub in relation to your house you’ll need to consider a few things:

Distance from the home entrance: You’ll want to place your hot tub close enough to a door that you can quickly and safely get in and out during the winter, but not so close that it’s in the way of traffic when the tub isn’t in use. When it comes to winter hot tubbing, you’ll also want to make sure that the hot tub is far enough from a major traffic area so that water from bathers doesn’t cause dangerous slippery areas. Winter snow and ice aside, in the dark, a shorter walk can often be a little easier.

Distance to an electricity source: Having your hot tub close to the house is excellent for easy access to electrical and water sources needed to run and power the hot tub. Take this into consideration when thinking of where to place your hot tub.

Privacy and noise concerns: When thinking about available space for your hot tub, you’ll also want to consider who will be using the tub and when. If you’ve got teenage kids who are more likely to use the tub later at night, having it outside your bedroom window may make for some sleepless nights.

Step 4


This one is pretty straightforward. Do you want to be the place for hanging with family and friends or a place just for you?

Understanding what size hot tub and how many seats you’ll need will largely depend on what you plan to do with it. If your priority is to get a hot tub for date nights with the better half, perhaps a  2-seater hot tub is right for you. 

Want to have regular post-game “hops and hydrotherapy” sessions with the guys? Check out a 7-seater hot tub

Do you want to hang out with your teenage or college-aged kids on the weekends or when they’re home from school? The size of your hot tub should therefore depend on the size of your family (and the size of your kids. And their friends).

Speaking of size, an often overlooked factor in deciding what size tub to choose is the height of the tallest person who will regularly use the hot tub. Hot tub seats come in different depths and if there are basketball players in your family, you’ll want seats they can sink into.

Style of seats is also an important consideration. Some people can’t live without a lounger. Some people want to make sure there are two loungers, to keep the peace. Of course, if you’re not sure whether you’d like a lounger you can always book a test dip with us at Kabana LifeStyle.

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Step 5


What’s the difference between a hot tub and a bathtub? One of the most apparent differences is the hot tub jets. The jets play a vital role in hot tub hydrotherapy, providing important massaging features. They also make the water bubbly, which is fun for pretty much everyone!

We’ve put together a post specifically on the 7 types of hot tub jets and what they do. Suffice it to say, if you’re planning to use the hot tub as a part of your health and wellness routine, you’ll want to pay close attention to the jets and seating, and go for preset or programmable wellness routines.

We also recommend trying out the jets before buying. We schedule free jet tests after our store is closed so you can put one of our tubs through its paces without feeling shy! Contact us to book a free test &  find out more!

Step 6


Another difference between hot tubs and bathtubs: add-ons and special features. Unless you’re a Kardashian, your bath probably won’t have special pillows, lighting, and built-in speakers. Chalk one up for hot tubs again! Special features and add-ons are great ways to get a little more out of your hot tub.

It can be easy to get carried away on the extra features. The options for all the bells and whistles can quickly drive up the price of a hot tub, so choose ones that fit with your reason for getting the tub in the first place. Some of our favourite options for add-ons and special features include:


Special features and add-ons are great options if you want to kick your hot tub game up a notch, but if you like to keep it simple, you can do without and still enjoy your hot tub experience. 

Step 7


When choosing a hot tub, you’ll also want to consider an experienced and reliable  hot tub dealer.

A good dealer can help you make the best choice of hot tub, but are also best equipped to help you maintain your warranty and provide the best repair services when something breaks down. The experience of our year-round trained staff mean there’s nothing they haven’t seen, which means we can often help customers troubleshoot issues with their hot tub over the phone, which could save you a service call.

Step 8


Having a budget is a great way to start your hot tub journey and may be a deciding factor in the type, size, and add-ons available to you. Luckily, there are hot tubs for all types and sizes of budgets. Hot tub financing is also available to help you make the most of your decision and find the hot tub that’s perfect for you.

Now that you know about all the things that go into finding the right hot tub, you’re ready to get started on your hot tub journey. While all this information can be a little overwhelming, we’ve got something to help make it even easier.

Our hot tub quiz will help recommend the right hot tub for you. Take the quiz now and take the first step on your hot tub journey! 

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