Types of swim spas:

There are generally two main types of swim spas:
a) Traditional Swim Spas: Traditional swim spas are designed primarily for swimming and fitness purposes. They typically have a rectangular or elongated shape, similar to a mini pool. The primary focus is on providing a current or flow of water for in-place swimming. These swim spas often feature adjustable current systems with powerful jets that create resistance for swimming.

b) Dual-Zone Swim Spas: Dual-zone swim spas, also known as swim and spa combos, combine the features of a swim spa and a hot tub or spa area. These swim spas are divided into two sections: one section dedicated to swimming or exercise, and the other section designed for relaxation and hydrotherapy. The swim zone typically features an adjustable current system for swimming, while the spa zone has seating areas with hydrotherapy jets for massage and relaxation.

Within these two main types, swim spas can vary in size, configuration, and features. Some swim spas may have additional features such as LED lighting, built-in audio systems, waterfalls, or additional seating options. Manufacturers may offer different models and customization options to meet individual preferences and needs.

It’s worth noting that the terminology and categorization of swim spas may vary among manufacturers and retailers. Therefore, it’s recommended to explore different options and consult with swim spa experts to understand the specific types and configurations available in the market.


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