Timber Stove Burning Hot Tub


Special Features

Our Beautiful Wooden Finnish Hot Tub features the best of natural wood with modern technologies to bring you a stunning looking Hot Tub that – due to its massage abilities – is also a wellness powerhouse for you and your family.

  • Ergnomically- designed Fiberglass frame hot tub with Beautiful wooden exterior 
  • Integrated stainless steel (304) heater with chimney;
  • Metal safety fence for chimney;
  • Fiberglass inside benches;
  • Outlet valve for water;
  • Includes Stairs from Beautiful Spruce Wood (3 steps).


  • INTEGRATED LED SYSTEM. 3 LED lights with 6 different RGB colours each;
  • AIR BUBBLE AND HYDRO MASSAGE SYSTEM. 14 jets: 6 air jets and 8 hydro massage jets in walls. Incredibly massages that promote the flow of red blood cells into all muscles, joints, ligaments. Excellent for joint / back problems and / or muscle repair after exercise. Each massage also releases a host of feel good neuro-chemicals.
  • – The air massage system consists of 12 air-blowing nozzles with air heating, air pump 700 W, control button, connecting hoses.
  • Hydro massage – 6 jets in walls. Hydro-massage (intense water-massage) works by pumping water out of the hot tub and pushing it under high pressure back into the tub through the jets (it can pump up to 1.5 m3 of water per minute). Water pump 1500 W.
  • Price will be €1775 MORE if you choose to have the AIR BUBBLE AND HYDRO MASSAGE SYSTEM