The Baby 2


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Special Features

The Baby 2 Full spectrum,  offers you the most favourable full spectrum infrared sauna for 2 people available on the market. Made from the finest Cedar Wood and constructed for your ease and relaxation, the Baby 2 is a beautiful, modern  well-being centre that would be a wonderful addition to any home.


With this sauna we have paid extra attention to the location of the Full spectrum radiators, for example it takes good care of the lower back and knees, so that this infrared sauna is extremely suitable for people who have knee and/or back problems. The heat from the Infrared radiators penetrates deeply into our muscles and joints, sending red blood cells to parts of the body that need repair. Over time, you’ll see great improvements in any back / muscle ailments. 
The Full spectrum radiators have the advantage that they are immediately warm and penetrate deeply so that you immediately benefit from the infrared radiation and can walk around smoothly after the sauna session. 

  • Size: 120 x 100 x 190 cm
  • Suitable for 2 People
  • Type of Stove: 5 Full Spectrum Infrared Radiators
  • Radio / MP3 : Yes
  • Colour Therapy: Yes
  • Wood type: Cedar Wood
  • Temperature Maximum – 65 Degrees C
  • Sound System speakers
  • MP3/Wifi Connection
  •  Colour Therapy
  • Ventilation