Spectra 4 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna



Special Features

The Spectra Range is among the very first to come with Dual Healthy technology. Fitted with state-of-the-Art Infrared emitters composed of panels combining Quartz and Magnesium, this beautiful and spacious Sauna covers the entire spectrum of Infrared light. The cabins are made of Canadian Spruce wood,  a particularly robust wood whose smell natural blends perfectly with the relaxing atmosphere of the sauna.

Ready to use in about 15 minutes (preheating time), the Spectra cabins also come with  a complete system of Chromotherapy, and an in stereo soundsystem.
With a  system of Fast Up quick fasteners which allow for an easy and stress-free installation.


Spectra's Unique Features

  • Dual Health Infrared Technology
  • Made from Canadian Spruce Wood.
  • Sourced Sustainably
  • Comes with LED Chromotherapy as standard in all models
  • Fast Clip Easy Assemble System
  • Stereo sound system with Blue-tooth & USB connection.
  • Digital Control Panel
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Beautiful and comfortable design
  • Delivered Direct to your Door in 5-10 Working Days


  • Height 200 cm
  • Capacity 2 people
  • Base width 185 cm
  • Base depth 185 cm
  • Total width 185 cm
  • Total depth 185 cm
  • Seat depth 50 cm
  • Thickness of the walls 5 cm
  • Weight 269 kg
  • 100% Canadian Spruce Wood frame
  • Power 1980 W 
  • Power supply 230 V (single-phase)
  • Emitters 7
  • Type of emitters –  Dual Healthy Quartz and vertical Magnesium Full Spectrum Infrared Panels
  • Soil carbon panels
  • Operating temperature 18-60 °C
  • Interior Bench and headrest in abachi
  • Door Reinforced glass 8 mm thick
  • Lacquered wood handle

A full spectrum infrared sauna offers the entire infrared wavelength spectrum. It includes far, mid and near infrared, and it’s worth noting that not all infrared saunas include all three.

Your Spectrum Sauna is a full spectrum sauna and as such comes with full spectrum benefits, including improved skin appearance, detoxification of your body, accelerated overall healing and decreased pain.

Your Spectra Sauna uses Dual Heat Technology – this means it offers 2 main infrared methods  – each with different benefits.

Quartz has the quality of heating almost instantly and provides a gentle and focused heat. Full Spectrum Quartz soothes muscles and joints and aches.

Magnesium gives a much more all-encompassing heat. It’s a slower heating process and the result is a very relaxing session with an increase in sweating. The  Magnesium session will also  stimulate greater blood circulation.


High-end premium saunas, need carefully selected wood types. In the Spectra, only the finest, sustainably sourced Spruce wood has been used.

The spruce wood that we use for the manufacture of our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance, this very aromatic essence is sure to soothe your senses and transport you into a state of relaxation & bliss. 

Spruce wood exhibits a natural beauty and softness that combine with its ability to resist temperature variations, as well as unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Heat in an infrared sauna is not as high as that in a steam sauna; temperature is between 40 and 60°C. This makes for a more pleasant experience. You will sweat  a lot, maybe even more, than in a traditional sauna. This is because the Full Spectrum Infrared Heat penetrates your skin and warms your muscles. 


Chromotherapy is the use of the visible spectrum, or colour light, to heal the physical, mental and spiritual energy imbalances.

Your Spectrum Sauna comes with state-of-the-art LED lighting inside its cabin. The prism  of seven colours  offer you a complete body-mind relaxation session.

During your Sauna session you can choose to bathe under any of the  colours red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, or violet. Each act differently on the organism through the skin, which is particularly sensitive to light energies and positively influence your mood.

5-10 Work Days

We can have your stunning, top-of-the-range Spectra Infrared Sauna delivered to your door in 5 to 10 working days. It can be assembled by you in 2-3 hours. Don’t worry we have a great follow along video that will bring you right through the whole process. 😀

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