Spa Vision



Special Features

Our Spa Vision, ergonomically designed with a striking beautiful profile distinguishes itself with its capacity for 5 people – three seats & two loungers berths, 90 powerful jets, and 3 massage pumps. Sit back and delight in a full-body massage, adjustable by controls to suit your body’s needs. Go from a relaxing soft caresses to an invigorating, powerful massage. Come as standard  with Audio System with Bluetooth, Waterfalls, and beautiful LED lighting in and around the spa.



Dimensions L x W x H 220 x 220 x 82 cm
Number of Seats  3
Number of Loungers   2
Capacity in Liter 1050
Dry Weight in kg 275
Full Weight in kg 1325
Shell Material  Acrylic with Polyester Backing
Synthetic Maintenance Free Cabine Standard
Removable Side Panels  4
Cabinet Material  Synthetic
Durable Support System  Synthetic
Everlast™ Full Floor Support Material  Polyester
High Density Urethane Insulation  Standard 


Total jets  90
Air Control Valve  3
Filters / Surface  (1) 50 Square Feet
Top Access Skim Filter High-Volume Vortex Skimmer
Floor Drain 1
External Drain  1
Hi Flow Suction Jets 4
Fountain Diverter Valve  2
5” Massage Jets  6
3” Massage Jets  45
2” Directional Jets    24
Ozone Jets   2



Molded Headrest Soft Pillows  3
StarBrite Interior LED Light System Standard
Exterior Corner LED Lighting  4
Audio System with 2 built-in speakers Standard
Water Fall with LED 10”  1
Superior Water Fall wit LED 24” 1
Waterfall Fountain Jets Standard
Ozone Sanitation System  Standard
Ultra Efficient Dual-Wrap Insulation    Standard
Energy Efficient Programmable Filtration System  Standard
5/4 Ultra Efficient Cover  Standard
Wifi Ready   Standard


Massage Pump 1: LX LP200  1,4 kW
Massage Pump 2: LX LP200 1,4 kW
Massage Pump 3: LX LP200 1,4 kW
Filtration Pump: LX WTC50M 250 W


Voltage  230/380 V
Amperage 230 V – 20 A / 380 V – 16 A
Full Flow Electric Heater 3 kW
Control System  Balboa BP600
Light (18 x Multi Color LED) Standard
Electronic Topside Control Balboa TP600