Spa Felicity



Special Features

  • Therapy Wave Zone
  • Intense Therapy Zone
  • Skimmer Bar
  • Family Entertainment Centre
  • Waterfall Massage
  • Aqua Rolling Massage
  • Hybrid Heating
  • Bio Lock
  • Synergy Water Maintenace


Finance this Spa from as little as XXX

As part of the Exclusive Collection, the Felicity lives up to its name. The two-person Wave Bench allows for a cozy side-by-side massage for you and your significant other, to enjoy the Wave sensation together. And, as part of the Exclusive Collection, the Felicity incorporates the most advanced and exciting massage experience we offer. Aqua Rolling Massage™, Therapy Wave Zone™, Waterfall Massage™, and Intense Therapy Zone™, are all standard in this amazing spa. Of course, the Felicity also includes an audio system, Synergy Water Maintenance System, and our exclusive Hybrid Heating™, making it a truly deluxe spa that will provide years of delightful therapeutic relaxation for you and your family.