Spa Ecstatic Wave


Special Features

  • Waterfall Massage
  • Levitation Bed
  • Family Entertainment Station
  • Skimmer Bar
  • Aqua Rolling Massage
  • Therapy Wave Zone
  • Intense Therapy Wave
  • Hybrid Heating
  • Bio Lock
  • Synergy Water Maintenance System


Finance this Spa from as little as XXX

The Ecstatic is a seven-person oasis that incorporates all standard features from the Exclusive Collection, and then some. It has five seats, one lounger, and one Levitation Bed. The Levitation Bed is the most innovative spa feature available on the market today, allowing you to lay face up or face down for the most relaxing whole-body massage imaginable. The Ecstatic also now boasts our Therapy Wave Zone, a massage feature that uses jets to work the muscles in the back, as well as a Waterfall Massage that concentrates on the neck. Additional features include an audio system, our Aqua Rolling Massage™, aromatherapy, Synergy Water Maintenance System, and over 150 therapeutic massage jets. In short, this model is packed with many cutting-edge features designed to provide the most relaxing, renewing hydrotherapy experience imaginable.