Spa Blackpool



Special Features

A Hot Tub that delivers on all major needs for a family looking for their first Hot Tub.


Equipped with jets that will massage and soothe

Ergonomically designed seats

Comes complete with pre-programmed settings for the most wonderful massages and muscle recovery therapy


The Spa Blackpool is the most extensive spa within the Mallorca series and as such it’s a real powerhouse in terms of wellness and health. The spa is rich in massage jets, all of which are precisely positioned to hit the key areas of your body – back, shoulders, neck, legs.  The spa also has user-friendly controls, with which you can easily adjust the intensity of the massages. In the Spa Blackpool you will be bathe  bliss, comfort and convenience each time.


Maintenance-free housingyes
cockpit constructionMultiple Layered
Number of persons6
StarBrite LED Underwater LightingYes
Number of seats5 Seats and 1 Lounge
Number of Active Hydrotherapy Jets43
Total number of Jets43
Number of Controls Air SupplyMultiple
Water FountainYes
Water DrainYes
Number of Headrests0
Filtration SystemProgrammable Filtration System
Number of LED Lights10
Pump 12.5 HP with 2 Speeds
FiltrationLarge Surface Filter
Heating System2.0 kW
Water capacity1020
Dry Weight245
Filled Weight1265
Size200 X 200 X 84CM
InsulationDouble Thermal Insulation
Electrical Requirements240V 20Amp
BrandPassion Spas