Sauna Cube 2 X 3 m with changing room


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Special Features

Our beautiful, Spruce wood Sauna Cube is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that will leave your rejuvenated and refreshed after each sitting. With the option of an electrical or a wood-burning stove, deluxe benches, and a sense of your own personal sanctuary, you’ll feel the best version of you after every session.

  • Includes 9KW Electric heater as standard
  • Available with a Wood-burning Heater (with Chimney kit) for an additional €450
  • Spruce Wood interior
  • 2 benches, deluxe full-length backrest, duckboard & bench skirts
  • Choose electric or wood burning stove
  • Bucket, ladle, thermometer

This luxury outdoor 2 x 3 sauna with changing room is available from Kabana Lifestyle in Ireland. With frames made from the finest Spruce  Wood. This special sanctuary comes with a changing room area, and an adjoining Sauna. Replenish your reserves at a moment’s impulse, bask  in  the golden light, and caressing warmth of the Sauna, and let your worries drift away.  With tempered glass, and fully insulated walls, Sauna benches,  stove and heater plates, you’ll be ready to enjoy all the benefits of a home sauna right from the get-go.  This Sauna will bring wellness, joy, and connection to all your family.