Office Cube 3m x 4m

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This Outdoor Garden Office Cube from Kabana Lifestyle, Ireland comes in a 3m x 4m frame from spruce: insulated floor and roof panels, 4 columns.

Insulation -stone wool (50 mm).

The frames are made from glue-laminated spruce beams.

Frame consists of bottom frame (100 x 140 mm), columns ( 140 x 140 mm), top frame
( 140 x 240 mm) and withstands 442 kg/m’ roof load. The floor is made of 146 x 28 mm floorboard.

The walls, floor, and roof of our garden cubes are all insulated to lower energy costs. We use stone wool to insulate our garden cubes for this reason: fire resilience, thermal properties, acoustic capabilities, durability, aesthetics, water properties, circularity. We include all of the screws, nails, and fixings needed to put your garden building together.

So there’s no need to worry about the type of screws or length of nails etc you might need to get started, it’s all there in the pack!

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Insulated cube frame 3 x 4 m from spruce; Wooden floor [spruce); Roof covered with bitumen weld coating (4 panels): 7 standard insulated panel walls; 2 Wooden glass walls with glass package; 2 sunscreen walls with glass package; Aluminium sliding doors system Reynaers 3 rails.

Technical Set 

    • Shape – 4 Corners


    • External Dimensions (WxL) – 3286 x 4286 mm


    • Total Height – 2780mm


    • Inside Area – 12m²


    • Size of Door (WxH) – 3000 x 2200


    • Wood – Spruce



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