Easy Cube 3×4



Special Features

Kabana Lifestyle introduces you to the EASY CUBE 3X4. This Cube is sleek, unique and full of character to bring life and luxury to your home and garden.

Our Kabana Smart Cubes combine beautiful Spruce Wood with state-of-the-art technology to provide comfortable, well-insulated and light-filled spaces. With the ability to fully design each Cube to your needs you can create stunning builds that are light-filled, captivating, and highly functional spaces.
Imagine your dream workspace, yoga room, gym, kids’ study, personal sanctuary, now you can make those dreams a reality.
You’re fully in charge of the type, position, and style of windows, doors, verandas, inner walls, insulation, flooring, ceilings. Although we’re here to help at every step of the way.
Our Cubes are made from the best of materials, and can be attached to each other to form striking, durable, and highly functional builds. They can also be attached to existing structures to form extensions to houses etc
Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing haven where you can escape daily stress. Elegant and hand-crafted Easy Cubes 3 x 4 m are designed to provide a luxurious outdoor space. You can be sure that this Cube can be a hobby room, garden retreat, outdoor office, or simple garden room which will increase your productivity, or allow you to pursue your hobbies.