Easy Cube 3×3 M with 2×3 M Grill Extension



Special Features

The Easy Cube offers a 3m x 3m indoor space with large double sliding doors into a 2m x 3m grill extension. This makes it perfect as a garden room for BBQ’s, socialising or just relaxing with friends and family. The large sliding doors allow the building to be opened up in hot weather but also means you to enjoy the views of your garden when the weather is not so great. The sheltered grill extension is perfect for housing a BBQ or garden furniture for outdoor living or could even be used to provide cover for a hot tub or Jacuzzi. The building includes spruce roof, wall and floor panels, self-adhesive black bitumen membrane roof covering, sunscreen walls, 1 aluminium glass wall panel and 2 full length aluminium sliding door


The new EASY Cube collection is stylish and has a very practical layout. A new two-part model can be a summer kitchen, garden hut, barbeque area, meeting place for young people, or a personal studio where creativity starts to fly. … It’s a multipurpose barrier suitable for both the modern and the traditional houses.

The lockable sliding doors of the Easy Cube are integrated into two sides. In good weather, the sliding doors can be opened, and the extension space can be integrated into a unified space.

Size 9.05 m2 + extension of 6.79 m2