Ireland's First Fully Inclusive Playground - Partnership with the Crann Centre

Kabana Lifestyle are delighted to announce a goodwill partnership with the Crann Centre, Ireland’s first purpose-built centre to help people with neuro-spinal injuries  flourish as they move through life. As part of the partnership we are delighted to provide our expertise for building inclusive family spaces, as well as providing   a Beehive Pod, a Pavilion, and a Gazebo, for  Ireland’s first ever fully-inclusive playground spaces and sensory areas.

Speaking about the donation, CEO Padraig Mallon said “Collaboration is at the heart of our vision, mission, strategy, and day-to-day work at the Crann Centre. We are proud to work with Kabana Lifestyle on the final stages of our Inclusive Playground and Leisure Space. Kabana joins a list of great companies and individuals who are funding this project and believe in how it will create unique opportunities for children, adults, and families to play together in a world-class facility.”


Owner and Managing Director of Kabana Lifestyle, Patrick Crowley stated, “We are delighted to come on board and help the Crann Centre with this exceptional project. These playground spaces and sensory areas will bring so much good energy, joy and laughter into the lives of these families. There is nothing like the joy of playing together, the happiness of shared special moments, to bring families closer together. That is something we feel so passionately about at Kabana Lifestyle – creating spaces that bring family and friends together.”

“It is such an important project for so many reasons,” added Shelby-Anne Barker, General Manager at Kabana Lifestyle, “It was an easy decision for us to come on board and provide some of the structures and build- teams that will allow kids and their families to really enjoy this special place where children can play, laugh, and flourish. The passion, knowledge, and dedication of everyone at Crann has been so inspiring to us. We can’t wait to see families come here and share the joy of connecting as a group.”

One of the biggest aspects of a child’s life is the ability to play, socialize, and interact with other children. But the approx. 140,000 children in Ireland who live with a disability face barriers when using playgrounds and community leisure spaces. Crann has set out to change that in a meaningful way by building a ¼ acre, fully inclusive play and leisure space for our clients at the Crann Centre in Ovens, Co. Cork.

Head of Services Colette Cahill explained, “Through our work with children and adults with a disability, and their families, we identified that children are missing out on the benefits of physical outdoor play and recreation with their siblings and other children. Their specific needs have fed into the design of our state-of-the-art, fully inclusive playground, and thanks to the generous donation from Kabana Lifestyle, the leisure areas will be fully accessible for all to relax and enjoy their time.”


If you’d like to partner with the Crann Centre or learn more  about their work, reach out to  Evelyn on 085 880 4679 or to find out how partnering with Crann on this vital project can motivate your team, further your CSR goals, and help us raise the final funds needed to welcome children with disabilities to our playground this summer.