How to vacuum a swim spa?

Vacuuming a swim spa is an important part of regular maintenance to keep the water clean and free from debris. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to vacuum a swim spa:
a) Prepare the Equipment:
– Ensure you have a pool vacuum head specifically designed for swim spas.
– Attach the vacuum head to a telescopic pole.
– Connect the other end of the pole to a vacuum hose.
b) Prime the Vacuum Hose:
– Submerge the vacuum head and the vacuum hose completely underwater.
– Hold the free end of the hose against the water return jets until all the air is purged from the hose. This will prime the hose and make it ready for vacuuming.
c) Start the Filtration System:
– Ensure the filtration system of the swim spa is running. This helps to circulate the water and facilitate the vacuuming process.
d) Attach the Vacuum Head:
– Place the vacuum head on the floor of the swim spa, ensuring it makes good contact with the surface.
e) Connect the Hose:
– Attach the free end of the vacuum hose to the designated port on the swim spa, typically located near the filtration system or skimmer.

f) Begin Vacuuming:
– Slowly move the vacuum head across the floor of the swim spa, overlapping your strokes to ensure thorough coverage.
– Use deliberate and steady movements to pick up any debris or sediment on the floor.
g) Pay Attention to Corners and Steps:
– Be sure to vacuum around the corners, steps, and any other areas where debris may accumulate.
– Use the vacuum head’s maneuverability to access hard-to-reach spots.
h) Empty the Skimmer Basket:
– Occasionally, check and empty the skimmer basket if it becomes full of debris during the vacuuming process. This helps to maintain optimal suction.
i) Monitor Water Level:
– Keep an eye on the water level during vacuuming. Ensure it remains at an appropriate level to prevent the pump from running dry.
j) Complete the Vacuuming:
– Continue vacuuming until you have covered the entire swim spa floor and removed the desired amount of debris.
k) Clean and Store Equipment:
– Rinse off the vacuum head, pole, and hose with clean water to remove any residual debris.
– Allow the equipment to dry thoroughly before storing it in a clean and dry location.
Remember to consult the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your swim spa and vacuuming equipment for any model-specific guidelines or recommendations.


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