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At Kabana we’ve partnered with  the award-winning Dutch company PASSION SPA to bring  their  state-of-the-art, award-winning Hot Tubs to Ireland.

Whether you’re looking to carve out a personal piece of heaven for some well deserved “me time” , seeking some deep muscle / joint repair and  relief, or spending more time with the family, we’ve got a model for you. Yes. This is living.

Benefits of a Passion Spa Hot Tub

Rejuvente. Relax. Reconnect.

Easiest to Maintain

Our Hot Tubs are precision engineered by Dutch engineers and will give you a minimum of fuss. Simply top up the water and jump  right in. 

Targeted Massage

Our focused jets target all parts of your body to soothe, heal, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Heal through water. And let your cares slips away each evening.

A few Euros to Heat

With our Hybrid Heating  & Synergy Water Maintenance systems, Passion Spa Hot Tubs take heat from all moving parts & then  lock in  that heat for longer. You can expect to pay around the cost of a cup of tea for each use of your Hot Tub.


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Our most popular hot tubs

Our Happy Hot Tub is engineered to deliver neck-to-foot therapy, from a longer, & full-body lounge seats, leaving you in a state of pure Bliss.

€9,700 INCL. VAT


With 6 seating options, the mid-sized Recharge will become a well-being centre for all your family. 

€8,450 INCL. VAT

The Ecstatic is a seven-person oasis that incorporates all the very best in luxury and well-being.

€12,500 Incl. VAT

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Want more than just a soak?

If you’re looking for fun and fitness plus many of the features of a hot tub, check out our swimpools. Mini pool, maximum impact!