We have broken down the main health benefits into the product categories for your ease. When you are done with your day and workout and just want to relax and take it easy? Just imagine how fantastic it would be to simply go home and jump in your own sauna or hot tub? Both have plenty of health benefits, but the question to ask yourself; Do you want to reap these through sweating or immersing yourself in water?

Saunas and hot tubs offer you different experiences when it comes to their use and the amount of maintenance required. Many Gyms and Spas have installed these among other luxurious amenities to entice their clients and so we are now more familiar with them than ever before. Hence it is now more feasible than ever before to have at least one of them fitted in your backyard. So, if you were to choose a sauna or hot tub / swim spa, which do you feel would best suit your needs? We have put together this helpful advice and information, which will help you make an informed decision.