Beehive Pods

Outdoor Living at its Finest

Our stylish, durable and beautifully designed Beehive Pods will transform your garden Made from Larch wood – each pod is a golden brown and exude a wonderful natural, woody scent.

Our Pods will provide you with a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of your very own garden. A place that can be a beautiful alternative to your house, a retreat, a workspace, a gym, or simply a haven to escape from it all.

Each pod is expertly installed by our dedicated team, doesn’t require planning permission, and comes with the options of insulation, interior furniture,  a tinted all-glass rear wall – which makes for some spectacular views over the surrounding area.


Why our Pods are the best

Family Owned

We pride ourselves on being an Irish-owned, family company. We believe in the values of hard-work, expertise, and a fair price.

40 years of experience

We're experts in garden installations and we'll be there every step of the journey with you.

Deliver to All of Ireland

No matter where you are on this green island of ours, our team can deliver, and install your dream garden pod.

Unique design

Each time you step inside you'll be struck by the wonderful scent of the finest Spruce wood. Your Beehive Pod will be a wonder of beauty, practicality and bring great joy to you and your family.

Water Proofed

You'll sleep sound each night as each of our Pods have a bitumen roof and have been specially treated to withstand the moist Irish climate. We also provide insulation to keep your snug and warm.

Spacious & Secluded

We all could with do with a special place to escape to. Our Beehive Pods have a special ambience brought on by the wood, light, and shape of each Pod. It's a place for you to grow and thrive.

Pod Glamping

Thinking about making some extra income through hosting on AirBnB – Great stuff! We may just have the thing to help.

Ideal for festival accommodation, outdoor activity centres, walkers, cyclists and short stay campers, our Glamping Pods are available in several different sizes/styles

€7,800.00 incl. VAT

Camping POD 3x4m , 44mm Larch

€7,800.00 incl. VAT

Camping POD 4x3m (13’x10′), 44mm

€8,700.00 incl. VAT

Camping POD 4x4m (13’x13′), 44mm

€10,250.00 incl. VAT

Camping POD 4x5m – 44mm LARCH

€12,150.00 incl. VAT

Camping POD 4x6m – 44mm LARCH

€5,445.00 incl. VAT

The unit is built on solid wheels and can be moved. The wheel Mechanism come with a geared winding solution to lift / wind the wheels off the ground and support Cabin on its own weight on a Pad if required.

Rejuvenate your Body & Mind

We’re with you from Enquiry to Installation.