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Kabana LifeStyle’s signature high-quality barrel saunas are inspired by the mountains of Scandinavia. They are a product of true quality & distinction made from the finest soft woods. These traditional cabin style barrel saunas are extremely economical as the shape allows for heat to be produced quickly and efficiently.

We only stock barrel saunas made from the finest clear knot-free, red-cedar wood. Our barrel saunas are for those seeking a traditional sauna of true quality and distinction.

They can be assembled easily in a couple of hours. We provide installation services for those who request them.
Ask us about our bespoke sauna design service for a unique barrel sauna that blends in with your garden.

Soothe. Repair. Relax. Rejuvenate.

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5 ft Thermowood Barrel Sauna
Perfectly designed for garden and backyard use, our 5 Ft...
7.5 Ft Thermowood Barrel Sauna
With 40 mm of  Nordic Thermo Spruce Thermowood.  Eye-catching, fast-heating, ...
6 Ft. Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna
Our Top-of-the-Range 6ft Cedar Barrel saunas are for indoors and...
4 Ft. Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna
Beautiful, authentic, western Cedar Wood Barrel Sauna. 4 ft deep...
8 Ft. Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna
Our beautiful Western Cedar Wood Barrel saunas are ideal for...
7 + 1 Ft. Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna
Assembled in a few hours A-Quality Western Red Cedar Wood...
Barrel Sauna Panorama 1800
Our Barrel Sauna are made of A-Quality western Red Cedar...
6 ft Regular Clear Sauna
Assembled in a few hours A-Quality Western Red Cedar Wood...
12 Ft Nordic Thermo Wood Sauna with Changing Room
3.7m Barrel Sauna from Thermowood with changing room. This traditional...
Luna Sauna 2.3 x 2.4m
Meet the Luna, our new outdoor Sauna model that looks...
Barrel Sauna Panorama 2400
Made from A-Quality Western Red Cedar wood, a  wonderful scent...
8ft Regular Clear Sauna
Our 8ft Barrel Sauna is made from beautiful, clear Red...
7+1 Ft Regular Clear Sauna
Our beautiful Western CLEAR Cedar Wood 7+3 Sauna comes with...
7 + 3 Ft. Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna Grandview
Our beautiful Western CLEAR Cedar Wood 7+3 Sauna comes with...

Benefits of a BArrel Sauna

Muscle and Joint Repair

The heat produced by a Sauna widens our blood vessels and capillaries allowing our blood to reach all parts of our body. These red blood cells are essentially the building blocks of our body. They will help to repair your body and promote your strength and wellbeing.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The high temperatures in a sauna causes your blood vessels to dilate, which lowers blood pressure, volume of blood your heart pumps will also rise, improving the efficiency of your heart.

Improved Breathing

The hot, dry air of a sauna opens up our airway passages allowing to breathe deeper and better. It soothes our lungs and provides relief to bronchitis and asthma sufferers.

Brain and Mood Boosters

Regular sauna use significantly increases the levels of prolactin, noreprinephrine, and dynorphin within our brain. These neuro-chemicals are all promote the feeling of joy within us and help us remain focused and sharp.

Great Skin & Hair

Spend time in a sauna and your skin pores will open releasing built up dead cells that can cause acne. The increased blood flow will bring nutrients to your skin and boost cell growth. You'll be glowing in no time.

A few Euros to Heat

Our Saunas are built to the highest specifications and take heat from all moving parts &  lock in  that heat for longer. You can expect to pay €3 for an hour in your new Kabana Lifestyle Sauna.

Why shop with us?

Years of Experience

We're in business for over 20 years and count ourselves as experts in both Indoor and Outdoor Saunas. We have Saunas for all needs, desires, and budgets. Talk to us today!

Cedar and Spruce Wood

Made from either Cedar of Spruce wood, our Saunas exude a fabulous, special aroma. The special scent of the forest will transport you every time you step inside.

Proofed Against Irish Weather

Our Outdoor range have been specially treated and prepared to withstand whatever our Irish weather throws at them. So you can sit back and listen to the rain on the roof. And breathe.

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